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publication December 17, 2019

Law, Justice and Development Week 2019 Video Library

- Program for Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 - 


Session 35 | Nowhere to Hide: Exposing Corruption through Open Source Investigations

In this session, J.R. Mailey, Director of Investigations at The Sentry, James Baker, Senior Director for Business Intelligence and Investigations at KROLL, and Ronald Machen, Co-Chair of White Collar Defense and Investigation Practice for WilmerHale explore - through personal experiences - specific instances when open-source technology became key in the discovery, identification and investigation of misconduct. Watch the replay. 



Session 37 | Technology and Development: Peas in a Pod or Strange Bedfellows?

In this fireside chat, World Bank Senior Vice President and Group General Counsel Sandie Okoro and Mastercard's General Counsel Tim Murphy chat about the trends in technology and partnerships that present an opportunity for technology to be harnessed and deployed for good. Watch the replay. Image


Session 38 | Justice for All? The Impact of AI and Blockchain on 'Legal'

In this Ted-style presentation, Joseph Raczynski, Technology and Futurist at Thomson Reuteurs, discusses how the world is months away from a brand new double exponential growth in technology, and how the world is on the cusp of a time when democratization of technology will usher in significantly better controls around the law for the underserved. Watch the replay. 



Session 39 | Panel on Emerging Technologies and Law/Policy

In this session, Alejandro Pardo Vegezzi, Principalt Specialist at Inter-American Development Bank, Robert J. Hawkins, World Bank Global Lead Technology and Innovation in Education, Ziyang Fan, Head of Digital Trade at the World Economic Forum, Bjorn Soren Gigler, Senior Digital Innovation Specialist at the European Commission, Amy Davine Kim, Chief Policy Officer at the Chamber of Digital Commerce and Patricia Miranda, Senior Counsel at the World Bank discuss data ownership, privacy protection/security, responsibility for tech-based decisionmaking, digital commerce, cross border data-flow and how technologies are changing the economics of development and social, economic and government ecosystems. Watch the replay. 



Session 40 | Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Rights, and the Use of Digital Technology - MDB Perspectives

In this session, Angela Delfino, Senior Counsel at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Carlos Gabriel Arias, Senion Environment and Safeguards Specialist at Mott MacDonald, Sarah Pyatt, Senior GIS Consultant at Mott MacDonald, Sofia de Abreu Ferreira, Senior Counsel at the World Bank and Tatyana Butler, Principal Counsel at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development discuss the MDBs approach to using and including technology in their business lines. Watch the replay. 



Session 41 | Legal Mandates for Accessible Identification: Including Marginalized Groups

In this session, Clifton Cortez, Advisor to SOGI at the World Bank, Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo, Global Disability Advisor at the World Bank and Gill Maninder, Director for Social Development and ESF at the World Bank discuss the legal context as an important dimension to ensuring that national ID processes are technologically accessible for marginalized groups. Watch the replay. 



Session 42 | Challenges of Digital Access to Rights 

In this session, Basile Ader, Vice President of the Paris Bar, Pierre-Louis Rolle, Deputy Director of Digital Society Mission at the French Digital Agency and Karen Mossberger, Professor of Public Affairs at Arizona State University discuss the French Digital Agency's efforts on digital literacy in democracies and how to improve access to rights and justice thanks to digital tools in its capacity as a governmental body. Watch the replay. 



Session 43 | Panel on GBVxTech: How can Technology Help Prevent, Mitigate and Respond to Gender-Based Violence?

In this session, Karen Naimer, Director of Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones Program at Physicians for Human Rights, Michele Decker, Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Paulina Rudnicka, Legal Advisor at ABA Rule of Law Initiative, Laura Hinson, Social and Behavioral Scientist at the International Center for Research on Women, and Diana Arango, World Bank Senior GBV and Development Specialist explore work at the intersection of gender-based violence and technology. Watch the replay. 



Session 44 | Exclusion, Poverty and the Law: Digitization for Legal Empowerment

In this session, Paula Tavares, Senior Legal and Gender Specialist at the World Bank, Chelsea Shelton, Programme Analyst for the Rule of Law at the United Nations Development Programme, Maaike de Langen, Head of Research for Just and Inclusive Societies and Yannick Koertgen, Advisor on Rule of Law at the German Development Cooperation discuss the various applications of technology and digitization, and the opportunities in enablizing citizens to claim and access public goods, services, and participation. Watch the replay



Session 45 | Technology Transfer to Support Climate Action; The Role of MDBs

In this session, Solongo Zulbaatar, Legal Counsel at the Green Climate Fund, Tatyana Butler, Principal Counsel at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Flavia Rosembuj, Global Lead for Blended Finance, Climate and Trust Fund at the International Finance Corporation and Angela Delfino, Senior Counsel at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development discuss how technology plays a central role in rising to the challenge of climate change. Watch the replay. 



Session 47 | International Organizations as Global Data Governors

In this session, Angelina Fisher, Adjunct Professor of Law and Director of Policy & Practice at the Guarini Institute for Global Legal Studies, Thomas Streinz, Adjunct Professor of Law and Executive Director of Global Law & Tech at the Guarini Institute for Global Legal Studies and David Satola, World Bank Lead Counsel on Technology and Innovation discuss the role international organizations can play in global governance of data. Watch the replay. 



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