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Results Briefs August 17, 2018

Improving Access to Rural Infrastructure in Azerbaijan: $80 million in IBRD Sustainable Development Bonds


Results from the World Bank Treasury

  • Purpose: To improve access to and use of community-driven rural infrastructure and expand economic activities for rural households.
  • IBRD Financing: $80 million
  • Expected Results (include): The project will support the development of judicial infrastructure, introduce e-services, establish effective dispute resolution and business inspections systems, increase transparency of judiciary; and improve legal aid services to vulnerable citizens, such as internally displaced persons and residents of remote regions. Support for 670 more infrastructure micro-projects.

Development Challenge

Delivery of basic public infrastructure such as rural roads, potable water, education and health facilities, and infrastructure is essential to rural livelihoods. Drainage and tertiary irrigation is a critical ingredient to both reducing poverty and promoting shared prosperity in Azerbaijan.

Project Description

The projects supports improvements in infrastructure deficits as well as mobility challenges in rural areas. The financing will continue to contribute to gender equity through close attention to inclusion and empowerment. It will continue to strengthen governance and accountability through its participatory planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation processes with community groups and local government offices and its track record of transparency, social accountability instruments, broad civic engagement, and public dissemination of results from local investments.

$80 million

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