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DIME Temporary Suspension of Field Activities


Humanity is facing a global crisis amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The uncertainty of what lies ahead is a frightening undertaking, but hope remains strong, and we will strive to push forward.

DIME’s priority is to ensure the wellbeing and support of our staff, partners, students, and all those who fundamentally contribute to our work across the globe. Over the last few weeks, our team has taken the necessary measures to stay protected by barring international travel, initiating work-from-home in critical areas, monitoring the offices that remain open, and following hygiene protocols.

To further safeguard respondents, enumerators, and staff, we are suspending all data collection activities that involve in-person contact until further notice. We will continue to engage with regional offices and work together to increase the flexibility and adaptability of our current work. As conditions shift over time, we will evaluate the situation and evolve accordingly. For now, we are shaping our focus to figure out ways in which we can contribute to the relevant information being shared worldwide to combat this crisis.