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BRIEF August 9, 2017

WBG-IMF African Staff Society


The WBG-IMF African Staff Society (the Society) welcomes you. 

The mission of the Society, a staff association and employee resource group, is to facilitate greater awareness, and advance a better understanding of African affairs among the staff of the World Bank Group (WBG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The community of staff brings together one of the largest number of economic and development experts in the diaspora to, amongst other things, build partnerships to promote and convene knowledge initiatives and events to accelerate the mandates of the WBG and IMF. The Society organizes events and develops platforms that facilitate discussions and knowledge exchanges on important issues, highlights Africa’s rich cultural and social heritage, and advance causes that promote Africa’s development.

The Society works to advance the organization’s diversity agenda, mobilizing and promoting talent in and from Africa, to increase the visibility of internal and external African economic and development experts to accelerate Africa’s development agenda. As an employee resource group, the Society also works to ensure diversity throughout the WBG and IMF and assist new staff members in settling into the work environment.

The Society is committed to working with a wide range of stakeholders and partners to advance the case of Africa and African issues on the policy agenda of both institutions and develop a premier knowledge network of economic and development experts that makes a difference in Africa.


Our membership is open to all current or former WBG-IMF staff members (including consultants) who are African nationals or of African descent, or any staff member who has an interest in Africa. Complete the registration form and pay your membership dues to become an active member of the Society and contribute to our activities, participate in exciting events and benefit from the exchange of knowledge with the community of entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers.

Meet the new Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, elected in June 2017 for a 2-year term, is committed to fostering an African Society that is marked by inclusiveness, transparency and accountability. In that regard, it aims at building successful coalitions to achieve common goals.

For the duration of its mandate (2 years), the team has defined 3 strategic pillars to support the mission of the Society: (i) Strengthening the Institutionalization of the Society: to establish transparent management tools and regain the trust of internal and external stakeholders; (ii) Mobilizing and Promoting Talent in and from Africa: to increase the visibility of internal and external African development practitioners and accelerate Africa’s development agenda; (iii) Building Strategic Partnerships: to promote and convene relevant knowledge events with meaningful partners.

  • Chair: Moses Wasike
  • Vice Chair (WBG): Sylvie Dossou
  • Vice Chair (IMF): Tilla Sewe McAntony
  • Treasurer: Juvenal Nzambimana
  • Secretary: Judith Soffe Nwana
  • Communications Secretary: Jacqueline Sibanda
  • Members-at-Large:
  • Maman-Sani Issa
  • Francis M. Muraya
  • Saidou Diop (representing Country Offices’ staff)