Strategic Overview of International Waters in Africa

April 30, 2014

The objective of this activity is to provide a strategic overview of international waters in Africa to guide development interventions in the region. The activity will define a baseline reference of international waters in Africa and highlight the various opportunities, constraints, tradeoffs, and challenges that collectively define the hydro-political landscape of Africa’s international waters. The activity will generate a report that provides a definitive list of Africa’s international waters and an analysis of a wide range of indicators and factors that explore the socioeconomic, geopolitical and biophysical context of international waters and their contribution to economic development across Africa. It is intended to summarize  key socioeconomic, demographic, political and biophysical indicators and provide context on those areas of uncertainty that collectively determine the challenges and opportunities inherent to investment in the process of building cooperation over Africa’s international waters. The findings of this work will be included in a database of indicators that will be publically available.