Improved Access to Best Practices and Training Workshops for Capacity Building

April 30, 2014

The effective development and management of water resources requires a paradigm shift in the way capacity is built in Africa’s regional and national institutions.  There is a significant lack of institutional capacity across the continent when attempting to modernize the way transboundary water resources are perceived, analyzed, developed, managed, and monitored.  There are also several modern tools (e.g. improving access to internet and video-conferencing) that have not been systematically leveraged to provide African institutions with improved access to regional and global good practice.

The proposed CIWA activity would involve organizing a number of training and other capacity-building activities including:

  • Training events (Workshops, Distance Learning events, Webinars, Short Courses) on critical areas identified in consultation with stakeholders involved in basin subprograms (indicative areas could include basin planning and management, knowledge base and analytical tools, legal, policy and economic instruments, political economy analysis, holistic “bankable” investment preparation, stakeholder participation, basin monitoring, information sharing and analysis, strategic communication, institutional arrangements (incl. PPP approaches), and climate risk assessments and green growth/adaption options to improve climate resilience.
  • Improved access to regional and global expertise (improved documentation of African success stories in water resources development and management, South-South interactions, facilitated Study tours to learn especially from other African success stories, development of professional networks)
  • Improved online resources for follow-up and professional networking (incl. distribution lists, social media use, interactions with professional organizations, internship/exchange programs, facilitating twinning arrangements, etc.)