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Sahel Adaptive Social Protection Program


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Key areas covered in each story include:

  • Scope | Whether the project focuses on adaptation or resilience to address the impacts of climate change, for example, rising sea levels, and/or mitigation to address the causes of climate change, such as greenhouse gas emissions
  • Tools/Instruments/Approaches | Innovative financing tools and instruments, such as risk insurance, as well as new approaches to tackling climate challenges, like solar mapping
  • Financing Amount | The total of World Bank investment and contributions from trust funds or bilateral funding.
  • Project Duration | From when a project begins until it achieves its objective and is closed.
  • Strategic Directions

Food Security and a Resilient Rural Economy: An end-to-end focus on climate resilience in the agriculture value chain.

Ecosystem Stability and Water Security: Secure both the productive and protective aspects of ecosystems and water.

Low Carbon and Resilient Energy: Provide universal access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy to support economic diversification and community health.

Resilient Cities and Green Mobility: Build resilient and clean cities to drive an urban transformation for green growth, green mobility, and green jobs.

Climate Shocks and Risk Governance: Protect the vulnerable against climate shocks by preparing for disasters and mobilizing rapid and effective responses.