RSR List of Activities (Global)

January 20, 2015



Building Social Protection Systems

ASPIRE - Atlas of Social Protection
Indicators of Resilience and Equity

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Supports countries in building effective SPL
systems by providing clear, cross country
guidance for assessing and monitoring SPL systems’ performance. The grant supports
Social Protection Assessment of Results and
Country Systems (SPARCS) in developing and
applying common instruments to assess the
structure of SPL systems and guide their
development; and Atlas of Social Protection -
Indicators of Resilience and Equity (ASPIRE) 
in collecting, harmonizing and sharing 
comparable indicators of program performance
based on household and administrative data.

450,000 Sep 2013

June 2015

Multicountry-Strengthening Public Food
Distribution Systems as Nutrition-Sensitive
Safety Nets


It pursues three core and interconnected
development objectives that would help advance
the social protection systems-building agenda
in terms of analytics, operations and

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Public Works Learning Forum - Social
Protection South-South Learning Forum

Timeline Project ID
A South-South forum was held in June 2010,
in Arusha, Tanzania. The forum provided
opportunities to the more than 220 delegates
from 40 low- and middle-income countries to
exchange knowledge and take part in cross-country
learning on the design and implementation of
public works programs as safety net interventions
as well the development of an ongoing community
of practice.
515,134 Feb 2010

Dec 2011

SN - South South Learning Forum FY2011 -
Sharing Experiences to Promote Resilient
Safety Nets in IDA Countries

This forum carried out in June 2011 focused on
promoting resilient safety nets, following the
recent wave of food, fuel, and financial crises
and natural disasters.
350,000 Nov 2010

Nov 2012

South-South Learning Forum 2014


Promotes global knowledge sharing among
social protection practitioners on the development
of social protection systems, notably in low
income countries and fragile states. The forum
will bring together app. 200 practitioners and
experts from 50 countries in Rio, Brazil.

450,000 Jan 2014

Dec 2014

South-South Learning Forum - Labor Market
Policy Response to the Global Jobs Crisis


Organized in Hyderabad in November 2012 to
stimulate a discussion and exchange on the
experiences of labor and social protection policies
during the recent economic crisis and how to
bolster effective policymaking on labor markets
and social protection in response to future crises.

Blog: 267 Journeys: The Wonders of South-South
 | Event Page (Archive)

447,859 Dec 2011

Jan 2013

South-South  Learning Forum 2015 -
Urban Social Protection Systems


Aims to foster global knowledge sharing among
social protection practitioners on the development
of social protection systems in urban areas. 

450,000 Pipeline -

Scaling Up Nutrition Investments


Develops and disseminates tools for a multi-
sectoral approach to planning and implementation
of actions that protects and improves nutrition
outcomes for the poorest.

250, 000 Feb 2011

Feb 2014

Scaling Up Nutrition Investments


Provided analytical work, consultations and
policy guidance on how to scale-up nutrition
investments and encourage multi-sectoral
actions to achieve nutrition results. 

39,690 Feb 2010

Dec 2010

Monitoring System in Preparation for
Global Food Crises


Developed a framework that defines, identifies,
and monitors food security crises at the national
level caused by shocks and factors that are not
attributed to a given country. The framework
categorizes each IDA country’s exposure to shocks
and its capacity to respond.

74,339 Nov 2011

Nov 2012 

Health Equity and Financial Protection

Built the capacity of policy makers and
researchers to carry out analysis of financial
protection and equity, using ADePT Health
software, and produced country-specific reports
on financial protection, vulnerability, and equity
in the health sector.
160,535 April 2010

Sep 2011

Health Equity and Financial Protection:
TA to regions/Health Equity and Financial
Protection - Measuring Health Equity/
Health Equity and Financial Protection:


Improved the capacity of governments and
the international community to monitor the
health outcomes of the poor after the Food,
Fuel and Financial Crises, and also helped
design health systems and policies more
effectively to provide protection to future crises.

443,947 Jul 2011

June 2013

Preparing Social Protection Systems for
Disaster Response


Supported the development of a series of
case-studies and recommendations from
five countries to enhance the capacity of
safety net programs to respond more effectively
to natural disasters and the impact of climate

Building Resilience to Disaster and Climate Change through Social Protection

370,094 July 2011

July 2013

Development of the ADePT Crisis Module


Supported the development of a Crises Module
of the ADePT software platform. The module
produces simulations to help policy makers
understand the distributional effects of
macro-shocks and structural reforms.

ADePT website (Archive) | Project Brief (Archive)

249,263 April 2011

Sep 2012

Impact of Financial Crises on Children and
Youth - Protecting Human Capital of
Future Generations

This RSR supported rapport, and accompanying
policy notes, show how the right policies and
targeted interventions for children and youth
can yield important returns in human capital,
and that even small, strategically applied
resources can go a long way to protect and
promote human development in crises, and
in stable times.
241, 127 Jan 2011

June 2012

Partnership and Innovation for Transparent
Financing in Health


A stock-taking of the health sectors in the
European region and their preparedness and
operational responses to the economic shock
of 2008/09 with a view to generate lessons and
encourage a stake holder dialogue.

Country Reports (Archive)

435,611 Dec 2011

June 2013

Client Registry System for SP


Developed a high-quality, reliable client registry
system for efficient delivery of social protection

348,057 Dec 2011

Aug 2013

Social Registries and Management Information
Systems in SPL- Framework, Assessment Tool,
and Country Cases


Develop guidance notes and accompanying
social information system assessment tools to
support clients’ efforts in developing streamlined
and harmonized information management systems;
and pilot the assessment tool in selected AFR,
LAC and MENA countries.

450,000 Feb 2015

Nov 2016