RSR List of Activities (ECA)

January 20, 2015

Eastern Europe and Central Asia


Building Social Protection Systems

Albania - Social Protection TA

Timeline Project ID

A stock-taking of the country's main poverty
program's administrative architecture and its
operational aspects, functional responsibilities,
and institutional capacity.

Associated IDA project

49,846 Dec 2009

Dec 2012

Armenia - Better Targeted Nutrition-Sensitive
Social Safety Nets 


Aims to increase the number of Armenian poor
that receive the Family Benefit Program through
better targeting, and to increase contribution of
social safety nets in addressing malnutrition among
poor households.

380,000 Pipeline -

Health & Social Protection Project


Supported the Agency for Social Protection in
reforming its social safety nets so that vulnerable
families with children have better access to
programs and are less harmed by increases in
energy prices.

Associated IDA project

59,660 Mar 2010

Feb 2012

Kyrgyz Republic - A Roadmap for Improving
Social Safety Net Administration and System


Supports the efforts of the Ministry of Social
Development to design and implement a roadmap
for social protection. The grant catalyzes the
switch from isolated social assistance interventions 
towards a system approach by providing critical
analytical inputs and help stakeholders to make 
informed choices. 

370,000 Oct 2013

June 2015

Kyrgyz Republic - Enhancement of the TSA to
Improve Coverage and Protection of the


Supported the modernization of the cash transfer
program directed to families with children, and
the development of a Social Protection Strategy
for the country.

Associated IDA project

259,413 Jun 2011

Jan 2013

Tajikistan - Tajikistan Government-Implemented
Grant for Targeting and Payment of Social
Assistance/Social Safety Net Strengthening


Supported the building blocks of a more efficient
system to deliver aid to the poorest households,
so that the government and donors will have an
effective way to intervene in ordinary times and
during crises.

Associated IDA project

2,283,190 May 2010

Dec 2013

Uzbekistan - Integrated Single Window Office
for the Social Assistance and Employment


Develops a concept of the Integrated Single
Window Office (ISWO) for provision of services
to population by the Ministry of Labor and Social
Protection (MLSP). Design a detailed blueprint
for implementation and rollout of a national
reform of administration of the social assistance
and employment programs, including high level
design of the Management Information System
(MIS) and a registry of beneficiaries. 

550,000 Pipeline -

Sharing Knowledge

Regional - ECA Learning Forum:
Implementation of the Management
Information Systems and Modernization
of Social Protection Programs

Timeline Project ID

Shares lessons and experiences on the benefits
of using new technologies in systematic ways
to operate existing and new social protection

330,000 Mar 2014

May 2015

Protecting Access to Basic Services


Tajikistan - Protecting and Promoting Access
to Maternal and Neonatal Health Services

Timeline Project ID

Provided technical assistance to assess the
feasibility of a conditional cash transfer to
protect access for the poor to basic Maternal
and Child Health and nutrition services in
selected rayons (districts) of Sogd oblast (region)
in Tajikistan.

396,291 Nov 2011

April 2013