RSR List of Activities (EAP)

January 20, 2015

East Asia and the Pacific


Building Social Protection Systems

Myanmar - Myanmar Social Protection
Policy Reform 

Timeline Project ID

Used the Social Protection Assessment of Results
and Country Systems (SPARCS) framework to
identify strategic direction and appropriate 
instruments to build resilience and promote equity
and opportunity. The grant also focused on building
the capacity of government to develop SPL policies, 
design appropriate programs and build an effective
system for delivery.

450,000 Feb 2014

June 2015

Cambodia - Cambodia Technical Assistance
for Social Protection Systems


Puts in place elements of a social protection
system through technical assistance for the
implementation of a cash transfer program.
These elements can then be scaled up to help
develop a comprehensive social protection

250,000 Nov

June 2016

EAP Climate Responsive Social Prot TA


Strengthens the capacity of governments
across the region to adapt social protection
programs and systems to mitigate disaster
risks ex ante, improve coping strategies,
and better respond to natural disasters and 
extreme climate conditions.

450,000 Dec 2013

June 2015

Mongolia - Building a More Efficient SP
System in Mongolia


Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the
country’s social assistance system by
recommending strategies to consolidate the
country’s fragmented social assistance system
and by building an integrated IT system that can 
serve as an information platform to manage all
categorical and proxy-means tested social
assistance programs in the country.

265,000 Jun 2014

Nov 2015

MN-Support to Social Welfare Reform


Helped to develop an alternative to the current
social security scheme and developed a savings
program for herders and others involved in the
informal sector, as well as a social security reserve

Associated IDA-project

67,787 Feb 2010

Feb 2012

Papua New Guinea - Urban Youth
Employment Project


Strengthened the government's capacity to
implement and evaluate the impacts of an
IDA-supported youth employment project that
aims to increase the aspirations and future
earnings of 17,500 urban disadvantaged youth.

Associated IDA-project

296,590 Jan 2011

June 2013

Timor Leste - Strengthening Social Safety Nets

Strengthened the delivery of social assistance
through a diagnosis of existing payments
systems and options for alternative systems,
and helped to establish a management information
system in the Ministry of Social Solidarity to
facilitate monitoring and evaluation.
87,811 Jan 2010

Feb 2012

Timor-Leste - Timor Leste Social Protection
Administration Project/Timor-Leste:
Social Protection Administration TA


Supported the Ministry of Social Solidarity in
building a standardized information management
system that integrates beneficiary information
across different database systems and identifies
beneficiaries  uniquely and strengthening the
government’s capacity to improve the delivery
of cash transfer programs.

2,205,721 Mar 2011

Oct 2014

Vietnam - Vietnam Programmatic Social
Protection AAA


It supports the government in strengthening the
social protection system through the consolidation
of overlapping programs and the modernization
of the management and delivery systems, in
addition to building the capacity of government
to develop more effective social assistance and
social insurance systems.

450,000 Feb 2015

Oct 2016


Sharing Knowledge

East Asia/South Asia Joint Forum on
Implementation of Social Protection

Timeline Project ID

The event took place in Bangalore, India in
September 2012 with the participation of
social policy practitioners from 19 countries
and focused on the administration and
implementation aspects of social protection

Project Brief (Archive)

436,711 Nov 2011

May 2013