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Design and Implementation of Fishery Modules in Integrated Household Surveys in Developing Countries

Fish and other aquatic animals contribute to the food security of citizens of developing countries, both as a source of income and as a component of healthy diets, yet fishing is not currently captured in most integrated household surveys. This sourcebook provides essential technical guidance on the design of statistical modules and questionnaires aimed at collecting fishery data at the household level. Background on the main policies important to the fishery sector, information on the data needed to analyze issues of policy relevance, and methodology on the construction of survey questions to collect necessary data are also provided.

Download the sample modules: Standard Fishery Questionnaire; Expanded Fishery Questionnaire


  • Christophe Béné
  • Asafu D.G. Chijer
  • Edward H. Allison
  • Katherine Snyder
  • Charles Crissman

Issued on

May, 2012