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BRIEF April 17, 2018

Development Marketplace 2018: Kenya


The winning Development Marketplace 2018 proposal from Send a Cow studies the effects of economic interventions on reducing rates of intimate partner violence in target communities.

Photo © Peg Bavin

Send a Cow | Examining the Effectiveness of a Gender Transformative Approach in Economic Empowerment Programs to Reduce Intimate Partner Violence

Project Summary:

Despite an increasing evidence base, the exact impact of economic empowerment programs on violence—and particularly on intimate partner violence (IPV)—is still unknown. While a number of studies have found associations between the economic empowerment of women and girls and rates of IPV, it is still unclear if these interventions increase or decrease a woman’s risk of experiencing violence. In order to further examine and build the evidence base around these issues, Send a Cow (SAC), and its research partner, the Global Women’s Institute (GWI), propose a two-year research study to examine the effectiveness of SAC’s economic interventions on reducing rates of IPV in target communities in Western Kenya. The proposed research study aims to fill a gap in the evidence around whether economic empowerment combined with training in gender relations is a promising mechanism for reducing intimate partner violence.

The study will incorporate 3 strands:

  1. Collect qualitative data to examine the effectiveness of SAC’s traditional, gender approach using the THM tool and identify lessons learned and best practices.
  2. Develop data collection tools for use by SAC’s economic empowerment program teams to collect data on VAWG through their M&E systems and collect baseline data.
  3. Conduct capacity building trainings for SAC staff to improve program delivery and data collection mechanisms for VAWG.



Development Marketplace 2018: Tackling a Global Pandemic

Project Team:

Dr. Peg Bavin is a former molecular geneticist and current NGO leader with a passion for helping people and organizations to grow and maximize their potential. Dr. Bavin holds a BSc. in Biology with Genetics and a PhD in Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV) and Cervical Cancer. For 11 years, she was a research scientist in the UK and USA and contributed to the body of evidence that built the case for vaccination against HPV. As a champion for women’s health and empowerment, she transferred her skills into the international development sector and has worked for Send a Cow (SAC), an international NGO, for the last 15 years. As Head of Program Funding, she oversees an international team of fundraisers to secure income from a growing portfolio of institutional donors while helping to deliver impactful programs around gender and social development, integrated farm systems and enterprise.