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StatementJuly 29, 2022

World Bank Statement on New Mashreq Regional Director’s Visit to Lebanon

Beirut, July 29, 2022: A World Bank delegation visited Beirut between July 27 and 29 on the occasion of the appointment of Mr. Jean-Christophe Carret as Mashreq Regional Director (Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria). Mr. Carret succeeds Mr. Saroj Kumar Jha whose 5-year term in the region comes to an end this month. Mr. Jha will assume the role of World Bank’s Global Director, Water Global Practice in Washington, DC.

The delegation held several meetings with Lebanese officials, government representatives and other stakeholders. The delegation expressed its appreciation for the longstanding partnership between Lebanon and the World Bank Group. Discussions covered priority World Bank supported programs currently under implementation in Lebanon. The meetings also emphasized the Bank’s continued role in providing strong analytical advice that can inform public debate and policy and investment choices, as Lebanon aims to institute pressing economic reforms; alleviate poverty and address the challenges of employment and inclusive growth.

The delegation highlighted the critical need for Lebanon to adopt, and swiftly implement, a comprehensive program of macro-economic, financial, and sector reforms that prioritize governance, accountability and inclusiveness. The earlier these reforms are initiated, the less painful the recovery will be for the Lebanese people.

The World Bank reiterates its commitment to stand by the people of Lebanon and help them face the unprecedented social, financial and economic challenges confronting the country


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