Sudan’s Forests National Corporation Launches Climate Change and Deforestation Project with World Bank Group Support

September 2, 2015

KHARTOUM, September 2, 2015 - In collaboration with the World Bank Group, Sudan’s Forests National Corporation (FNC) launched the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) Preparedness Project.

The purpose of the project is to prepare Sudan to tackle the threat of climate change by addressing the impacts of deforestation and forest degradation.  Valued at US$3.8 million (approximately 22.8 million SDG), the project is funded by the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and will enhance the sustainable management of Sudan’s forest resources as well as support sustainable land use management. It seeks to do so by developing effective strategies for reducing emissions from deforestation and simultaneously promoting activities that will improve livelihoods and conserve biodiversity.

“The World Bank Group is very pleased to be launching this new project in collaboration with the Government of Sudan today,” said Xavier Furtado, the Bank’s Country Representative in Sudan. “We look forward to working with the authorities to strengthen Sudan’s capacity to address the impact of climate change now and in the future.” 

Implementation of this project is consistent with Sudan’s stated intention to combat deforestation. The Government of Sudan has already demonstrated its willingness to combat climate change by creating its National Adaptation Program of Action (NAPA) to address climate variability and climate change within the context of the country’s economic development priorities. This new project paves the way for Sudan to implement a series of important activities, including institutional strengthening and capacity building, for a future performance-based emission reduction program. The REDD+ project works across a range of sectors, presenting an opportunity for comprehensive action.

As one of Sudan’s leading partners in development, the REDD+ project is one of the ways the World Bank Group is supporting the Government of Sudan to join the global effort to combat climate change.

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