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Brazil: Performance Based Management System to Improve Public Administration in Rio de Janeiro - US$18 Million World Bank Loan

August 26, 2010

WASHINGTON,August 26, 2010 – Performance-based management of the public sector will bestrengthened in Rio de Janeiro, as a result of a World Bank loan of US$ 18million, approved today by the Board of Directors of the global multilateraldevelopment institution.

The Pró-Gestão (ProManagement) Technical Assistance Project places Rio de Janeiro among Brazilianstates that have adopted innovative performance-based management for the publicsector, including in health care and education services. The new systemincreases transparency and government accountability.

This is the firsttime that Rio has obtained a World Bank financing devoted exclusively toactivities that focus on the modernization of public administration. ThePró-Gestão project, coordinated by the State Secretariat of Planning andManagement, will strengthen strategic public policies in health care andeducation, as well as in the areas of property management and the state pensionsystem. It also calls for a broad agreement on desired results, thusinaugurating a new dynamic in State administration, said Sérgio Cabral, Governor of the State of Riode Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro rankssecond in the nation in terms of GDP. In 2007, the State Government laid thefoundations for a comprehensive managerial reform, seeking to improvemanagement of public resources. Those efforts are now part of the Pró-Gestãoproject.

Efficient publicmanagement that is well coordinated and based on accurate, high-qualityinformation is vital for the economic, social, and sustainable development ofRio. With the Pró-Gestão project, the Government will be able to improve thequality of its public spending and thereby provide better services, especiallyin education and health, for the people, said Makhtar Diop, World Bank Brazil Country Director.

The principal objectivesof the project are:

  • Creation of performanceindicators for the public sector, to enable the Government to assess the impact of strategicprojects and improve transparency;
  • Modernization of realestate property management.Pró-Gestão will finance the collection of data on State-owned properties,enabling more efficient management and increases in revenues;
  • Modernization of socialsecurity  management, to allow better internal control over pensionfund contributions and improve the monitoring of court proceedings;
  • Strengthening EducationManagement Capacity to evaluate the impact of strategic projects andto establish school-level performance targets. The program will also invest inhuman capital via in-service training and continuing education for about 50,000teachers; and
  • Modernization of Health Management and Information Systems. The program will help develop an accreditationsystem and a cost-accounting system for the new Urgent Care Facilities (UPAs),as well as implement a new information system for medical supply-chainmanagement. 
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