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PRESS RELEASE April 27, 1989

World Bank Announces Euro-Guilders 300 Million Bond Issue

The World Bank has issued NLG 300 million (about US$ 141.8 million) of 10-year Euro-Guilder bonds lead-managed by Amsterdam-Rotterdam Bank (AMRO) with Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN) as co-lead manager.

The bonds carry a 7-1/8 percent coupon payable annually and are priced at 100.80, for a yield of 6.89 percent on a semi-annual equivalent basis. The bonds are not callable prior to maturity on June 1, 1999.

The issue will be listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. International clearance of the bonds will be provided by CEDEL and EUROCLEAR.

The net proceeds of this borrowing have been swapped into Swiss francs.