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PRESS RELEASE July 5, 1973

World Bank Signed Agreements for a 20 Billion Yen 15-Year Bond Issue

Eugene H. Rotberg, Treasurer of the World Bank, signed agreements in Tokyo on July 4 in connection with a public issue of the Bank's bonds in Japan.

The agreements provide for an issue of 20 billion yen of 7½% Fifteen Year Bonds that will be offered in the Japanese market by a syndicate of underwriters headed by The Nikko Securities Co., Ltd., in association with a group of commissioned companies headed by The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited.

The bonds will be offered at 99.501. They are dated July 14, 1973, with a final maturity of July 14, 1988. The bonds will be redeemed at par in equal installments of ¥ 1.4 billion each from 1979 through 1987 with a final installment of ¥ 7.4 billion payable on July 14, 1988.

This is the World Bank's sixth public issue in the Japanese market. Total funds raised by the World Bank in Japan, including the issue announced today, will amount to ¥ 500 billion consisting of ¥ 108 billion raised in the market by way of public and private issues and ¥ 392 billion borrowed or contracted to be borrowed from The Bank of Japan.