World Bank Managing Director Sri Mulyani addressing Climate Parliament Forum

March 7, 2013


World Bank Managing Director Sri Mulyani Indrawati addressed the International Parliamentary Forum of the Climate Parliament "International Cooperation for the Renewable Energy Revolution". Head of IFC's Climate Finance & Policy, Vikram Widge spoke to the group the following day. The meeting took place in the premises of the European Parliament.

MD Indrawati spoke under the heading 'The Building of New Electricity Highways and Large Scale Renewable Energy Installations', with about 50 MPs, from Africa, Asia and Europe in the audience. In her presentation MD Indrawati referred to the Bank's commitment to the Sustainable Energy for All initiative and the need to mobilize renewable energy sources on a transformational scale. MD Indrawati also spoke of the need to create larger energy markets through regional power pools, and the role of the Bank in providing incentive financing and mitigating investment risk. Finally, she referred to the important role of policymakers and legislators in creating the conditions and policy frameworks necessary for facilitating investment in and use of renewable energy.