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Who's Your Role Model?: #PressForProgress Photo Competition

March 01-May 15, 2018

Sri Lanka


Do you know someone like that? Take a picture, and tell us in a few lines why they inspire you to believe in equality at work and at home. 

  • Who inspires you?

    Women are falling behind in Sri Lanka’s labor force. Did you know that only 1 in 3 Sri Lankan women participate in the labor force? They struggle against many odds, facing unsafe working environments, unequal pay and social and cultural discrimination. Yet, as Sri Lanka aspires to become a more equitable, prosperous and happy country, it can’t afford to neglect more than half its population.  

    It’s time for Sri Lankan women to claim their place – in fact we believe there are already many bold, talented women at work in Sri Lanka. Do you know someone like that? Take a picture, and tell us in a few lines why they inspire you to believe in equality at work and at home. Share the stories of women who inspired you to think differently, to dream your own dreams and challenge stereotypes.


  • The ‘Who’s Your Role Model?’ Photo Contest is organized by World Bank Sri Lanka. You have the option of submitting:

    1. A traditional portrait/photograph of an inspirational female role model, which shows her face.
    2. A close-up abstract or symbolic image that captures the spirit of your role model. (You can see some examples of what we mean by abstract or symbolic photos here and here. The idea with these photos is to think about how things like their favorite possessions, work tools or even simply a close-up of a hand could help get your message across in an indirect way.

    Whether you want to use a standard portrait, or capture your subject through detail and abstraction, is your choice. Just remember that the photo must be original – i.e. you must be the photographer. In your caption, take a few lines to tell us why you chose this particular woman and why she inspires you. You can choose a family member, a friend, a teacher or even a mentor at work – just tell us why this person should be considered a path-breaker and a role model.  



  • WHEN

    You can submit photos until 5pm Sri Lanka time on 15th May, 2018.


    1. Only entries uploaded and submitted via the #PressforProgress event page will be accepted.
    2. Each submission needs to include the caption, #PressforProgress hashtag and the name of the photographer.
    3. The caption can be written in English, Sinhala or Tamil and must be not more than 8 - 10 sentences.
    4. The photograph needs to be uploaded in JPEG format.
    5. Pictures should not have visible watermarks, including of the name of the photographer, or any other information. (These details can be included in the metadata of the pictures but must not be visible on the picture itself).
    6. The photographer has to ensure that the subject is aware that the photo being taken will be submitted to an online photo competition run by World Bank Sri Lanka. The subject must agree and give the photographer permission to enter the photograph into the competition.
    7. Only single exposure and single frame pictures will be accepted.
      The following are not accepted: Multiple exposures, polyptychs (diptychs, triptychs, and so forth) and stitched panoramas, either produced in-camera or with image editing software.
    8. Amateur photographers are greatly encouraged
    9. Like our Facebook Page and stay tuned for updates



    1. The contest is open to all Sri Lankan nationals or those residing in Sri Lanka.
    2. Individuals are limited to one submission each. 
    3. Active staff of the World Bank Group, including Consultants, Interns, Contractors and their employees, are not eligible to participate in the Contest. However, family members and relatives of World Bank Group staff are eligible to participate. 
    4. A panel of judges composed of a leading photographer, a senior journalist and a gender expert from the World Bank will judge the contest. Their decision will be final.
    5. Submissions will be judged based on the following criteria: (1) relevance to the topic; (2) creativity and emotional impact of the caption; (3) and aesthetics of the photograph.
    6.  Decisions made by World Bank Sri Lanka will be final.


    Competition ends on 15th May, 2018. The winners and the prizes will be announced in June, 2018.


    A pool of finalists will be selected and the winning submissions will be recognized. The top 3 submissions will win exciting prizes and be awarded certificates of recognition. First 20 submissions will receive token prizes. Winning submissions will be promoted on the World Bank Sri Lanka website and Facebook channel, as well as on the World Bank’s regional South Asia channels.


    Please contact 011 5 561325/infosrilanka@worldbank.org if you have any questions or inquiries about the contest rules.


    By entering, you retain copyright and remain the owner of your images and may also continue to use them in any manner you choose. You agree that anyone who recognizable or identifiable in your photograph is aware that you are submitting their image for this competition and has explicitly given you permission to submit a picture of them. You agree that the images you submit may be used in printed publications, on World Bank Sri Lanka social media, websites, or in any other media, and may be copied and displayed in any country provided that you are credited as the photographer – without any remuneration being due.


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