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Parliamentary Field Visit in Vietnam

March 5-8, 2018


Parliamentary Field Visit in Vietnam

World Bank

  • The Parliamentary Network will hold its upcoming parliamentary field visit in Vietnam from March 5-8 2017. The programme will include working sessions with local parliamentarians and officials from Government, the IMF and World Bank experts in Vietnam, civil society and private sector representatives, as well as project visits and meetings with beneficiaries.

    The aim of this upcoming visit would be to:

    • Enhance, through a field visit to Vietnam, the understanding among parliamentarians of the activities of the IMF and the World Bank at the country level;
    • Review the participatory nature and outcome of Vietnam’s national development strategy, and the role of the Vietnamese parliament therein;
    • Share experience among local and international parliamentarians about respective actions in their countries.

    Please express your interest in this field visit by sending an email to jpo1@parlnet.org and parliamentarians@worldbank.org at your earliest convenience, no later than 2 February 2018, knowing that our delegation will be exclusive and limited to some 20 members. If you are unable to participate, we kindly ask that you encourage a colleague in your Parliament to join us. Kindly note that the working languages of the field visit will be English and French.