Do Numbers Tell the Whole Story? Perceptions and Reality about Prosperity and Jobs
November 14, 2016Washington DC, MC C2-131

Does the data we traditionally use on poverty, inequality and labor markets capture the full picture? The new World Bank report, Voices of Europe and Central Asia: New Insights on Shared Prosperity and Jobs, analyzes qualitative data from 9 countries in Europe and Central Asia and shows that people’s perceptions are not always well aligned with quantitative indicators. Increased polarization and the role of factors beyond people’s control, such as connections and social norms, are at the heart of this disconnect.

The panel will discuss the implications of these findings for policy makers and the development community as we seek to better understand barriers to accessing jobs, reducing poverty and sharing prosperity across the world.

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Blog: People’s living standards – do numbers tell the whole story?

Opening Remarks:

Michal Rutkowski, Senior Director, Social Protection, Labor & Jobs Global Practice, The World Bank Group

Overview of the report's findings: 

Maria Davalos, Giorgia Demarchi, and Indhira Santos, World Bank

Panel Discussion:

Mayra Buvinic, Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development and the United Nations Foundation

Branko Milanovic, Visiting Presidential Professor at the Graduate Center, City University of New York

Hans Timmer, Chief Economist, Europe and Central Asia Region, The World Bank Group


Carolina Sanchez Paramo, Practice Manager and Acting Senior Director, Poverty & Equity Global Practive, The World Bank Group