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#AskShanta: Live Q&A on Providing Services to Syrians
April 25, 2016On Facebook and Twitter: #AskShanta

As Syria enters its sixth year of civil war, the conflict has claimed upwards of 470,000 lives, pushed half of the Syrian population out of their homes, and destroyed $70-80 billion in capital stock by mid-2014. Inside the country, the situation has dramatically worsened over the past year, particularly in contested areas. The lack of basic services such as health, water, sanitation, electricity and education, has had devastating humanitarian consequences. The question now is how can the international community help provide services to Syrians inside Syria? Join a live Q&A to discuss this with our Chief Economist Shanta Devarajan on Monday April 25th at 15:00 GMT: Ask a question now on Facebook or on Twitter by using the hashtag #AskShanta.
  • WHEN?: Monday April 25th at 15:00 GMT
  • WHERE?: Facebook and Twitter by using #AskShanta