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Global Events on Food Safety (2015)
January 28, 2015Global







February 11

Title: Measuring What You Treasure: Food Safety Culture

Grocery Manufacturer’s Association - Webinar 1:00PM – 2:00PM


March 3-4

The Global Food Safety Conference: Food Safety, A Shared Responsibility

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

March 4-5

2015 Conference: Providing Animal Protein to the World

International Livestock Congress USA

Houston, Texas

March 24-25

BRC Global Standards: Food Safety Americas

Orlando, Florida

April 7

World Health Day: From farm to Plate Make Food Safe


April 12-15

GMA Science Forum: Embracing Challenges. Meeting Future Needs.

Washington D.C.

June 24-26

The Bigger Picture: One ASEAN through Food Technology

The 14th ASEAN Food Conference 

Pasay City, Philippines

July 6-11

Codex Alimentarius – International Food Standards Annual Conference 2015

Geneva, Switzerland

July 11-13

Public Health Conference 2015

Bangkok, Thailand

July 25-28

International Association for Food Protection – Annual Meeting

Portland, Oregon

July 29-30

XIII International Conference on Food Safety, Nutrition and Public Health

Zurich, Switzerland

Aug 17-19

International Conference on Food safety and Regulatory Measures

Birmingham, UK

Aug 23-25

APEC - Chile workshop on exchange of information on regulatory systems

Cebu, Philippines

Aug 26-27

APEC - Industry association and innovative approaches to industry best practices capacity building Workshop

Cebu, Philippines

Aug 28

APEC: Food Safety Cooperation Forum

Cebu, Philippines

Aug 29

APEC: Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC)

Cebu, Philippines

Nov 4-5

China International Food Safety and Quality Conference

Beijing, China


4th GFSP Annual Conference