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Recruitment of Accounting Experts for Poland

November 3, 2013

Short term consultants for Poland

Technical Assistance Program for Financial Reporting
Implemented by the World Bank Centre for Financial Reporting Reform

Institutional and Regulatory Capacity Building for Corporate Sector Financial Reporting and Auditing at the National Level

Project supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union

Invitation for submission of CVs by individual consultants

The objective of the Financial Reporting Technical Assistance Program (FRTAP) is to support the new EU member states in their efforts to put in place sustainable regulatory and institutional frameworks for financial reporting by private sector entities. FRTAP forms part of the Swiss enlargement contribution to reduce economic and social disparities within the enlarged EU.

The FRTAP for Poland includes a component 5 Regulatory Framework, which main objective is supporting policymaking in the area of accounting and auditing. It involves (i) researching financial reporting issues to feed into policymaking activities with a view to identify areas where better regulation and/or enforcement would contribute to a better business environment, (ii) providing hands-on technical assistance to assist in development of enhanced capacity to carry out regulatory activities. 

1.      Stocktaking of materials, goods and products,

2.      Fixed Assets

3.      Recognition, valuation and presentation of perpetual usufruct of land

4.      Agriculture activities

5.      Public-Private Partnership contracts (recognition, measurement and presentation of assets and liabilities)

Each study shall include three main parts presented below and other elements specified in attached terms of references:

1.      Short description of existing regulations and practice,

2.      Brief summary of proposed standard/interpretation including justifications for proposed solutions,

3.      Proposed standards/interpretations including all aspects named in the terms of reference,

The task is split into five assignments for each area.

Interested Consultants are requested to submit a CV and a motivation letter in Polish and English to the following email: iwarzecha@worldbank.org and afawcett@worldbank.org  by November 11, 2014.

We accept only application from individual consultants (natural persons). Applications from firms and institutions will not be reviewed.