Pillar 1: Sharing the Malaysia Experience with the World

June 8, 2016


Malaysia’s development experience is a rich source of solutions and lessons for developing countries in Asia and in other regions transitioning out of poverty. We engage in knowledge-sharing and thought leadership that advocates for regional integration across sectors. Our goals are to:

  1. Assess, research and document Malaysia’s experience in public sector management and development planning, modern and integrated financial services, and also supporting equitable economic growth in the country
  2. Share and promote the successes and lessons gained from the ‘Malaysia Experience’ with the world
  3. Foster South-South knowledge collaboration among policymakers and researchers across regions
  4. Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and development solutions between developing and developed countries
  5. Collaborate with public sector institutions, private entities, research communities, academia and think tanks
  6. Build capacity through peer-to-peer learning, workshops and training programs

The Malaysia development experience is represented by three core themes:

Theme 1: Supporting Equitable Economic Growth

Theme 2: Providing Modern and Integrated Financial Services

Theme 3: Enhancing Public Sector Management