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Tianwei Zhang

Mr. Tianwei Zhang is the Alternate Executive Director for China at the World Bank Group.

Previously, Tianwei Zhang has held high level positions at the Department of International Economic Relations, Ministry of Finance in Beijing, China, including: Director of Multilateral Division I (2018-2020); Director of Multilateral Division II (2016-2018); Deputy Director of Multilateral Division I (2014-2016). He also worked at different positions in the International Department before 2014, including: Deputy Director of International Relations Division I (2010-2014); Section Chief of the International Economic Relations Division I (2009-2010); Regional Cooperation Officer (2004 –2006); and Research Fellow (2003-2004). He also has working experience in business sector before joining the Ministry of Finance in 2003.

Tianwei Zhang worked as an Advisor to the Chinese Executive Director in the World Bank (2006-2008).

Tianwei Zhang earned a Master of Economics at the Peking University, Beijing, China in 2003.

Tianwei Zhang

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