Cordula Rastogi

Global Solution Lead, Connectivity, Trade & Competitiveness Global Practice

Cordula Rastogi, Senior Transport Economist, is a Global Solution Lead on Connectivity with the Trade & Competitiveness Global Practice. She has more than 15 years of project management experience with strong analytical skills to deliver policy-relevant solutions to clients and advise them on strategic investments and policy changes in the area of connectivity, transportation, and logistics.

Cordula has a track record of working effectively with clients on World Bank-supported lending and non-lending transport and logistics projects in a number of countries in East Asia and Pacific, South Asia, Africa and Europe and Central Asia. Her recent work in Central Asia led to a renewed engagement with governments, including a regional connectivity program. In her role of Global Solution Lead, she is advancing analytical work on global trade connectivity, and contributing to strategic country work on domestic connectivity in China, India, Indonesia among others.

Cordula holds a PhD and co-authored the recently published book on “The Eurasian Connection: Supply Chain Efficiency along the Modern Silk Route through Central Asia”.