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 World Health Organization *  International Fuel Prices: GTZ *
The World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention is the first major report jointly issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank on this subject. It underscores their concern that unsafe road traffic systems are seriously harming global public health and development. It contends that the level of road traffic injury is unacceptable and that it is largely avoidable. The statistical annex provides the number and rate per 100,000 population of mortality caused by road traffic by countries.
Global Map of Traffic Mortality 

. International Fuel Prices is a long-term initiative by GTZ since 1991. The latest report, International Fuel Prices 2007 which is now available on-line, includes diesel and super gasoline retail prices in 2006 for more than 170 countries. The report also focuses on the special theme of enhancing energy efficiency in the transport sector, as well as the cost of promoting biofuels. Both the data preview and the full report may be downloaded from the GTZ Website or may be downloaded here (PDF 7 MB).
Global Map of Fuel Retail Price 2006 

 World Road Statistics: IRF *  World Bank Railways Database
The 2006 edition of the International Road Federation's World Road Statistics can be purchased online and provides information for more than 185 countries on:
  • Road length by category
  • Road traffic
  • Vehicle in use
  • Road accidents
  • Road expenditure

. Contains selected size, scale and productivity data for all railways 1980-99.

  • The above link is to the railway data table in MS-Excel. The table is also available as a PDF document (274 KB).
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