THE WORLD BANK GROUP A World Free of Poverty

Asian Toll Road Development Program

Review of Recent Toll Road Experience in Selected Countries
and Preliminary Tool Kit for Toll Road Development

Table of Contents

Front Cover, Acknowledgements and Table of Contents

Part 1: Executive Report

Part II: Preliminary Tool Kit¾Issues and Lessons

Part III: Case Studies

Appendix A:
List of the Members of Bank Steering Committee, Japanese Advisory Committee, and MOCJ Steering Committee
Appendix B:
Introduction Letters Prepared and Sent by the World Bank and MOCJ
Appendix C:
List of Requested Information and Detailed Points of Discussion
Appendix D:
List of Toll Road Projects in Selected Asian Countries
Appendix E:
List of Interviewees and Agencies Contacted During the Field Visits
Appendix F:
List of Institutions Contacted by Telephone, Fax, or Internet for Supplementary Data Collection
Appendix G:
Impact of Asian Financial Crisis on Toll Road Development in Selected Asian Countries
Appendix H:
Toll Road BOT Model

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