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  • Empowerment

    Empowering women
    through opportunity

    In many developing countries, women lack a voice in their households, communities, and governments, as well as access to resources. Increasing women’s economic opportunities and participation—such as through access to land, financial services and other resources—can promote women’s status and help their countries reduce poverty and develop faster.

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    From 2002 to 2012, more than 188 million pregnant women in IDA countries received prenatal care from a health provider. Gender parity in primary schools in IDA countries rose from 91 to 96 girls for every 100 boys enrolled, between 2000-2010.
    • The Reality

      Less than 10% of credit going to small farmers in Africa is directed to women, though they comprise a majority of agricultural workers

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  • Education

    Enrolling girls
    in record numbers

    In the poorest countries, girls account for 55 percent of all out-of-school children. Although these numbers represent considerable progress—30 years ago, girls represented only 38 percent of primary school enrollments—disparities remain due to gender-specific obstacles. For example, girls are expected to help with housework, and many face sexual harassment getting to school and in the classroom.

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    From 2000-2010, gender parity in IDA countries rose from 91 girls for every 100 boys enrolled in primary school to 96 girls for every 100 boys enrolled.
  • Microfinance

    3 billion people
    have little or no access to financial services

    Microfinance emphasizes building local financial markets to meet the diverse financial needs of poor people. Access to a range of microfinance services—savings, loans, and money transfers—enables poor families to invest in enterprises, better nutrition, improved living conditions, and the health and education of their children. It is also a powerful catalyst for women’s empowerment.

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    From 2008-2010, 1.7 million rural residents and 505,745 households received microloans in Mongolia. Over 50% of the beneficiaries were women.


Middle East: Promoting Gender Equality and Empowerment

Middle East: Promoting Gender Equality

The World Bank is striving to ensure women in the region play a greater part in the social and economic spheres.

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IDA's Role: Gender

In the poorest countries, gender inequities acutely limit opportunities for girls and women. IDA has been working to expand girls’ access to education for the past three decades, and to create other opportunities for empowerment, such as through economic participation.

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