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  • Food

    More than 1 billion people are undernourished

    Although international food prices have fallen since peaking in 2008, local food prices in many developing countries have not come down. As a result of food insecurity, poor people eat less, switch to cheaper foods, or forgo spending on health and education. High food prices not only worsen malnutrition and poverty; they aggravate the conditions of people living under conditions of conflict, instability, and drought.

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    From 2003-2013, IDA programs provided nutrition services for more than 210 million pregnant/lactating women, adolescent girls, and/or children under age five.
    • The Reality

      9 million people in the Horn of Africa are facing hunger from the worst drought in 60 years.

    • The Need

      $14 billion a year is needed in public agriculture investment for all developing countries to halve hunger and poverty by 2015.

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  • Financial

    50 million more people
    were living in extreme poverty in 2009

    As the ongoing global financial crisis has demonstrated, events in high- and middle-income countries can have important effects on poorer ones. Low-income countries lack the capacity to deal with the financial crisis, given their inadequate access to resources and limited economic diversification.

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    From 2000-2010, social safety net programs provided jobs and cash transfers to more than 11 million people.
  • Disasters

    Less than 10%
    of disaster losses are offset by humanitarian aid

    Natural disasters claim countless lives every year, while also wiping out decades of development gains in mere moments. People in the poorest countries are typically the worst affected, because they are more likely to live on the most fragile lands, reside in unsafe structures, and have fewer resources to work with.

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    Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, more than 400,000 buildings were assessed for damage and six water supply systems were completed, benefiting 37,000 people in rural communities.


Food Crisis Response Helps Vulnerable

Food prices remain volatile. Local food prices in many countries haven’t come down, although international food prices have fallen.

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IDA's Role: Crisis

Global crises relating to food, finance, and natural disasters have severely affected developing countries, which are most vulnerable to these kinds of threats. IDA is exploring new ways of creating social safety nets to buffer low-income countries from the effects of severe shocks, including a more systematic approach to crisis response.

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