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Flaring and Venting: The Big Picture

Introduction & Facilitation by the Chairperson Rhonda Zygocki, International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP)

Keynote address: Global Gas Flaring Reduction: a Time for Action!” by Rashad Kaldany, Director Oil, Gas, Mining and Chemicals Dept., World Bank



Gas flaring: The countries’ experience and best practices

  • Nasipolla Suleimenov, Ministry of Industry & Energy, Head of Division, Russia
  • Alexandr Savinov, Ministry of Industry & Energy, Head of Division, Russia
  • James Slutz, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oil and Natural Gas, U.S. Department of Energy
  • “Gas flaring in the context of Sustainable Development”
    Ms JoAnne DiSano, Director for Sustainable Development, United Nations

Facilitation by the Chairperson Kristalina Georgieva, Director for Strategy & Network Operations, World Bank

  • “Gas Flaring, Energy Security and the Environment” (H.E. François Loos, Minister Delegate for Industry, France
  • “The view of a major international oil company” (Christophe de Margerie, President Exploration-Production, TOTAL)
  • “The experience of a major gas producer” (Mohamed Meziane, President and CEO, Sonatrach)
  • Claude Mandil, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (Interview)



The producing countries’ experience

Facilitated by Peter van der Veen, Manager Oil Gas Mining and Chemicals Division, World Bank
  • Alexandr. Savinov, Ministry of Industry & Energy, Head of Division, Russia
  • Martyn Howells, The World Bank, on behalf of  Pr. Anthony Adegbulugbe, Special Advisor to the President on Energy Matters, Nigeria
  • Torbjorn Urfjell, Advisor to the Minister of International Development, Norway
  • Abdelhamid Maghrebi, Qatar Petroleum



“The oil companies’ experience”

Facilitated by Bent Svensson, GGFR Programme Manager, WorldBank
  • Aidan Ring, Business Development Manager, Marathon
  • Pat Blough VP Gas Commercialization, Chevron
  • Mikhail Gordin, Gas Business Development, TNK-BP
  • P.G. Cavazos, Environmental Manager, ExxonMobil
  • Colin Braithwaite, Shell
  • Edgar Furuholt, Special Advisor on Environment, Statoil



“Meeting the challenge!”



"Operational and commercial solutions for flaring and venting”

Gas Flaring and Transformation

Facilitated by: S. Pariente-David, World Bank


Facilitated by: M. Howells, World Bank

Power Generation

Facilitated by: D. Sweet, WADE

CNG / Mini-Medium LNG

Facilitated by: C. Groothuis, Shell

Expand Boundaries!

Facilitated by: F. R. Mouton, World Bank

Carbon Credits

Facilitated by: F. Sucre, World Bank


Facilitated by: M. Belguedj, World Bank


Facilitated by:A. Berg, AEUB

Carbon Credits

Facilitated by: B. Svensson, World Bank



“Be Country Focused!”: identifying 2007-2009 in country flaring and venting reduction projects

  • “The Canadian experience in flaring reduction” Arden Berg, Alberta Energy & Utilities Board
  • “The Norwegian experience” Mrs. Marta Melhus, Principal Engineer, Norwegian Directorate of Petroleum
  • “Minimizing Flaring and Venting in Established Markets” J. Michael Melancon, Regional Supervisor for Production and Development, Minerals Management Service's Gulf of Mexico Region
  • “Flares as seen from the sky” Dr. Chris Elvidge, National Oceanographic Observatory Administration, US Dept of Commerce

    Roundtable Discussions

     Russia/Caspian Sea (Russian/English)

  Facilitated by Anastasiya Rozhkova, World Bank

Africa Gulf of Guinea (French/English)

Facilitated by Mrs. Dominique Lallement, World Bank

Middle East/North Africa (French/English)

  Facilitated by Dr. Silvia Pariente-David, World Bank

Latin America (Spanish/English)

  Facilitated by Francisco Sucre, World Bank


Closing session: Facilitated by the World Bank