Annual Meetings  Boards of Governors OCTOBER 1998  
International Monetary Fund
World Bank Group


1998 Program of Seminars
gl_med2 The Knowledge Economy

A series of over 30 sessions addressed:

The Changing Dynamics of Global Finance
Actions to enhance the global financial framework; restructuring financial systems and strengthening corporate governance; probing the sources of the Asian economic crises and prospects for recovery; responding to the social dimensions of the crises.

Managing risk; employing political risk insurance and guarantees; creating viable domestic bond markets; improving transparency and accountability in capital markets; exploring equity, corruption and economic policy.

Knowledge and Technology for Development
Exploiting technology to accelerate development; using the internet as a catalyst for change; examining the real costs of the Year 2000 computer problem in emerging markets, and the steps that need to be taken now to prepare for it.

Regional and Country Opportunities
Briefings on the major emerging markets, including Russia, China, Brazil and South Africa; scenarios for post-euro Europe; exploring Africa's new opportunities for business; updates from Central Europe, the Middle East, and more.

Featured Speakers Included:


Special events:

Receptions, dinners, and luncheons hosted by private sector participants to allow speakers and participants to exchange views informally

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