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Useful Links to Euro Information

European Union (Europa page):
The European Union's server Europa, contains information on bodies of the European Union (EU), official press releases of the European institutions, information on future events, statistics, publications and databases, provides simple answers to key questions.

European Commission (euro page):
The European Commission contains the site Euro, dedicated exclusively to the euro - it contains among other things a timetable, a countdown, Euro analysis, reference texts, speeches, and information on finance, enterprises, and public administration. The European Commission's Economic and Financial Affairs documentation page contains various links to Commission papers and reports.

European Central Bank:
On 1 January 1999 the third and final stage of EMU will commence with the irrevocable locking of the exchange rates of the currencies of the eleven Member States participating in the euro area and with the conduct of a single monetary policy under the responsibility of the ECB.

EU Delegation in the US:
The documents describe the structure and services of the Washington and New York Delegations. Includes in their site EUROPE Magazine, EU Events, Delegations in the US, EU-US Partnership, and Policies & Legislation.

Bank of England (euro page):
The website of the BoE, including links to their Practical Issues Arising from the Introduction of the Euro publications.

European Central Bank's euro links:
A list of web pages on preparations for the changeover to the single currency, including categories of banks, governments, associations, consultants, IT, stock exchanges, EU Institutions, and news sources.

European Parliament:
Includes links to current news articles, and euro-related websites.

ISDA Euro Protocol:
International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. Euro Protocol information page.

A link directly to the IMF euro page on the IMF website, with links to their EMU publications.

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