Assessing advances and challenges in technical education in Brazil

    Almeida,Rita Kullberg, Amaral,Nicole Lucilia, De Felicio,Fabiana  |  Oct 07, 2015
    The report is organized as follows. Chapter one presents an overview of the general education system in Brazil and contextualizes Vocational and Technical Education and Training (VET) within the broader system of ...

    School infrastructure in Paraguay : needs, investments, and costs

    Wodon,Quentin T.  |  Oct 07, 2015
    The study consists of four chapters apart from this introduction. Chapter two provides a basic diagnostic of the state of infrastructure in Paraguay’s public primary and secondary schools. The analysis is based ...

    Jobs, wages, and the Latin American slowdown : Main report

    De La Torre,Augusto, Ize,Alain, Beylis,Guillermo Raul, Lederman,Daniel  |  Oct 01, 2015
    After a decade of strong growth, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) started to decelerate in mid-2011, on the wake of falling commodity prices and slower growth in the rest of the world, particularly in China...

    Sustaining employment and wage gains in Brazil : a skills and jobs agenda

    Silva,Joana C. G., Almeida,Rita Kullberg, Strokova,Victoria  |  Aug 26, 2015
    Improved labor market outcomes have been the main driver of reductions in poverty and inequality. Continued progress in employment and labor earnings will depend on achieving a first critical goal: raising labor...

    Thirty years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Argentina : an assessment of the national health response

    Lavadenz,Fernando, Pantanali,Carla, Zeballos Veraloza,Maria Eliana  |  Aug 06, 2015
    This study analyzes the national and inter-provincial burden of disease, the demographics of new HIV cases, the demand and supply-sides of service delivery, and conducts a cost-benefit analysis of the National ...
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In Search of Higher Growth

With global economic tailwinds receding, Latin America and the Caribbean needs to propel domestic growth.


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