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Policy Research Working Paper
de la Torre Augusto, Didier Tatiana, Pinat MagaliApr 01, 2014

This paper discusses the theoretical arguments in favor of and against economic globalization and, with a view to ascertaining whether Latin America may be able to capture the globalization upside, examines the ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Fuchs Alan, Rodriguez-Chamussy LourdesApr 01, 2014

The paper estimates the effects on presidential election returns in Mexico of a government climatic contingency transfer that is allocated through rainfall-indexed insurance. The analysis uses the discontinuity...

Policy Research Working Paper
Vogt-Schilb Adrien, Hallegatte Stephane, de Gouvello ChristopheMar 01, 2014

Decision makers facing abatement targets need to decide which abatement measures to implement, and in which order. This paper investigates the ability of marginal abatement cost (MAC) curves to inform this...

Policy Research Working Paper
Maloney William F., Caicedo Felipe ValenciaMar 01, 2014

Using newly collected national and sub-national data, and historical case studies, this paper argues that differences in innovative capacity, captured by the density of engineers at the dawn of the Second ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Coppola Andrea, Fernholz Fernando, Glenday GrahamMar 01, 2014

This paper offers an assessment of the methodologies employed to estimate the economic opportunity cost of capital for public sector projects, relying on the Mexican case for an applied empirical exercise. The...

Latin America and the Caribbean as Tailwinds Recede

With global economic tailwinds receding, Latin America and the Caribbean needs to propel domestic growth. Read More »

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