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  • Pensions Systems in Europe and Central Asia

    Aging populations and a shrinking labor force in the region make long-term pension systems reforms necessary, so that the elderly poor and future generations are protected. Read More »

  • Face of Poverty in Europe and Central Asia

    What does it mean to be poor in Europe and Central Asia? It is living on less than $2.5 each day in the coldest region, where poverty drives daily choices of millions of people to cover the cost of food, bills, and other basic needs. Read More »

  • Shared Prosperity

    A new paper by a team at the World Bank identifies key drivers of poverty for the bottom 40% in the Western Balkans region and provides recommendations on how to design more inclusive policies and interventions. Read More »


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Shanta Devarajan

Apr 22, 2014

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Wolfgang Fengler

Apr 17, 2014

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