Country Office Contacts
Ulaanbaatar, +(976) 7007 8200

5th Floor, MCS Plaza Building, Seoul Street-4, Ulaanbaatar-210644

Washington, 202-473-4709

Washington DC

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The project helped set up classroom libraries in all the 383 primary schools across rural Mongolia. Read More »


Between 2007 and 2013, the Rural Education and Development (READ) Project made learning materials available in rural Mongolia by establishing 3,560 classroom libraries in all 383 rural primary schools. Read More »

Electricity access must be reliable to reduce poverty and environmentally and socially sound to be sustainable. Read More »

EITI promotes transparency, good governance, and accountability in the use of oil, gas, and mining revenues in resource-rich countries. Read More »

The World Bank promotes policies and programs around mining that strengthen governance and environmental performance. Read More »

Community-driven development gives control of development decisions and resources to community groups and has been a key operational strategy for the World Bank. Read More »


The project increased access to electricity and improved reliability of electricity service among the herder population and in off-grid soum (district) centers. Read More »