Visiting Scholars and Short Courses

September 1, 2016


The Development Research Group (DECRG) Kuala Lumpur Short Courses consist of one or two weeks of interactive learning and training on topics related with development economics and research methodologies. The short courses include interactions with researchers in the local community.


Visiting Scholar/Instructor

Affiliation Course
Nov 12-16, 2018

Karthik Muralidaran

Vijayendra Rao

University of California, San Diego

World Bank

Impact Evaluation Methods
Mar 6-17, 2017 Roberto Chang Rutgers University Quantitative Methods for Macroeconomics

Course Program
Nov 7-11 , 2016
Luis Serven World Bank    

Globalization and Crises

Course Program

Lecture Presentation Slides:

1. Stylized Facts

2. Financial Globalization and its Effects

3. Currency Crises

4. Financial Bubbles

5. Sovereign Default

6. Financial Crises



Affiliation  Title
Aug 2016 Young Eun Kim, Norman Loayza, Claudia Meza-Cuadra World Bank     Productivity as a Key to Economic Growth and Development
Mar 28, 2016 Greg Larson, Norman Loayza, Michael Woolcock  World Bank The Middle-Income Trap: Myth or Reality?
Mar 28, 2016 Raian Divanbeigi, Nina Paustian, Norman Loayza World Bank Structural Transformation of the Agricultural Sector: a Primer