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  • More than 75 percent of Egyptian households rely on gas cylinders. The Egyptian government aims to reduce this by connecting more than million more households to the grid. The government stands to save about US$200 in subsidies a year for every household connected. Read More »

  • Egypt: Economic Effects of the Syrian War and the Spread of the Islamic State

    This paper quantifies the economic effects of the Syrian war and the advance of the Islamic State on six Levant economies. The conflict put a halt to the regional trade integration process considered essential for accelerating economic growth, diversification, and job creation. Egypt’s per capita welfare losses reached 1.5% while the total costs of war escalated to 10% if the costs of foregone regional trade integration are included Read More »

  • Egypt: 72 Percent of Healthcare Costs Are Out of Pocket

    Over the last 20 years, Egypt’s population has become healthier. Yet, 72 percent of all healthcare costs are covered out of pocket. This report suggests recommendations that will result in incremental improvements in Egypt’s healthcare system in the short to medium term with a focus on disadvantaged groups.  Read More »

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