BRIEF May 14, 2018

World Bank Research and Development Center in Chile: Financial Sector Work


The World Bank Research and Development Center in Chile was established by the Government of Chile and the World Bank Development Economics Vice-presidency in 2017.

The financial sector work focuses on conducting research related to financial sector development relevant to Chile, the Latin America region, and other economies. The goal is to generate and disseminate knowledge that will inform policy makers, practitioners, and the academic community.

As output, researchers associated with the Center are producing original academic work as well as research and policy briefs (RPBs), synthesizing current discussions. They are also organizing workshops in Chile.


  • Calomiris, Charles, Larrain, Mauricio, and Schmukler, Sergio, 2018. “Capital Inflows, Equity Issuance Activity, and Corporate Investment,” NBER Working Paper 24433 and World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 8405.
  • Schmukler, Sergio, Tessada, Jose, Vasquez, Cristian, and Vera, Mario, 2018. “Winners and Losers from Interest Rate Ceilings: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Chile,” mimeo.

Research & Policy Briefs







Sergio Schmukler

Lead Economist