Uwe Deichmann

Co-Director, World Development Report 2016, Development Economics and Chief Economist

Uwe Deichmann is an economic geographer in the World Bank’s Development Research Group. His research interests are in the geographic aspects of development. His recent work has included issues of urban development, the role of infrastructure in promoting regional growth, and the impacts of natural hazards and global change on economic development. He has been a principal author of the World Development Report 2009 "Reshaping Economic Geography." Prior to joining the World Bank he worked for the UN Environment Program and the UN Statistics Division. He holds a Ph.D. in Economic Geography and Regional Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

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    Growing Green: The Economic Benefits of Climate Action

    April 2013
    In the first post-transition decade after the fall of communism, Europe and Central Asia moved its economy from plan to market. In the second decade, the 2000s, it moved from social division to inclusion. The region has an opportunity to use the third decade, the 2010s, to move from brown to green growth making production and consumption more sustainable, increasing quality of life, and reducing impacts on the climate.
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