Punam Chuhan-Pole

Punam Chuhan-Pole

Lead Economist, World Bank Africa Region, Africa

Punam Chuhan-Pole is Lead Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist of the Africa Region at the World Bank.

Her recent work includes development of a semi-annual publication—Africa’s Pulse—which presents recent economic trends and prospects for the region’s economies and provides analyses of issues shaping Africa’s future.  Punam also led a study documenting and analyzing recent development progress in Africa—Yes Africa Can: Success Stories from a Dynamic Continent.  She is currently doing research on growth and poverty reduction in Africa and on the management of mineral wealth for development. 

Punam has also been a member of the core team producing the Global Monitoring Report, a joint World Bank-IMF annual publication.  She worked on aid and development issues, including the quality and effectiveness of aid, the links between donor allocations and recipient policies, and the role of new public and private development players in a changing aid landscape. 

Punam has also worked extensively on monitoring and assessing vulnerability of developing countries to external shocks, analyzing the determinants of private capital flows, and evaluating the debt defaults of the 1980s and 1990s.  She led the Bank’s participation in the Inter-Agency Task Force on Finance Statistics and has collaborated closely with staff from the BIS, ECB, IMF, and OECD in establishing new international standards on the measurement and reporting of debt and other financial obligations and in preparing the new Debt Guide.

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