Joyce Msuya

World Bank Special Representative, Republic of Korea, East Asia and Pacific

Joyce Msuya assumed the role of the first Special Representative assigned to Korea in 2014, where she established and developed office operations. She led expanding and deepening the partnership between World Bank Group and Korea to disseminate Korea’s unique development knowledge by utilizing its global and local presence.

Over 19 years within the World Bank Group, her experience spans over public and private sector assignments in strategy (corporate, regional, country, sectoral), lending/investment operations, analytical work, and partnerships in Africa, Latin America and Asia regions.

Joyce started her career in Health sector lending operations, followed by Development Economics Vice Presidency where she worked with Lord Nicholas Stern. Her expertise also spans private sector development (at the International Finance Corporation) and the World Bank Institute (WBI) covering East Asia and the Pacific, whilst based in the World Bank office in Beijing, China. Prior to joining the World Bank Group, Joyce worked at the University of British Columbia in Canada and in Tanzania on various public and private sectors assignments.

As an author and publisher of a number of articles in the health sector including in peer-reviewed journals as well as a background paper for the 2004 World Development Report (WDR), Making Services Work for Poor People, her engagement within the World Bank Group encompasses both lending operations and leading analytical products.

Joyce has degrees from Strathclyde University, Scotland; University of Ottawa, Canada; Executive General Management Certificate from Harvard Business School (USA); and a Public Health Certificate from Johns Hopkins University (USA).

  • Health
  • Private Sector Development