George Anayiotos

George Anayiotos

Lead Economist, Egypt, Poverty Reduction & Economic Management Network

George Anayiotos is the World Bank’s Lead Economist, based in Cairo.

Anayiotos, a Cypriot national, has worked for over 20 years in professional positions in the International Monetary Fund and taught at several Universities.

Before assuming his new post, George held a position at the IMF’s Money and Capital Markets Department working on Technical Cooperation with Bosnia & Herzegovina, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritius, Senegal, Serbia and Togo, on topics such as public debt management, bank restructuring, and monetary and foreign exchange policies.

He has held previous positions at the IMF African, European, Finance, and Policy Development and Review Departments, with assignments on Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Latvia, San Marino and Slovakia. During 1997-2000 he was the IMF Resident Representative in Armenia.

He holds a Ph.D. in International Economics and Economic Development from New York University, and he has taught at the University of Colorado at Boulder, at George Washington University and at Neapolis University, Cyprus.