Eileen Murray

Eileen Murray

Country Manager, Tunisia, Middle East and North Africa

Eileen Murray, a US and Greek national is the World Bank’s Country Manager for Tunisia, based in Tunis. 

Murray joined the World Bank in 1989 as a Financial Analyst in the Africa Region. She has worked extensively on fragile states in countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Rwanda, West Bank and Gaza. Prior to her current assignment, Murray worked as the Human Development Sector Leader for West Bank and Gaza since 2008 based in Jerusalem.  She worked on a broad range of issues including social safety nets, pensions, and education reforms. 

One of her main achievements in West Bank and Gaza was her leadership in a $300 million emergency multi-donor trust fund for an emergency program for West Bank and Gaza which in turn leveraged over $300 million from 11 donors to finance emergency health, education, electricity, and water and sanitation programs.  She also participated in the design of one of the better performing cash assistance programs for West Bank and Gaza, using innovative targeting mechanisms to make sure that the poorest households, especially in Gaza were included in the program.  This program has since expanded and the Palestinian Authority now uses this safety program as one of its key social assistance programs.  Prior to that, Ms. Murray worked for over 15 years on Community Driven/Local Development Operations in the Middle East and North African and sub-saharan Africa regions and therefore has an extensive technical knowledge in many sectors including infrastructure, agriculture, rural roads, water and sanitation, food security, etc. Murray has worked in over 40 middle and low income countries and supervised over 50 World Bank funded investment lending projects.

Between 2001 and 2005, Murray worked on Liberia and Sierra Leone where she participated in the design of emergency community driven operations that contributed significantly to rebuilding social and economic infrastructure and related services in poor rural communities.  Both of these programs, to this date continue to receive financing from the Bank and other donors.  In addition, in Sierra Leone, Murray was one of the team leaders for the demobilization and reintegration of the ex-combatants program, which was one of the Bank's significant contributions in Sierra Leone, as it was instrumental in facilitating the country's transition to peace.   

Murray graduated from the George Washington University and holds an MBA in Finance.

Tel : +216 71 19 44 55