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Donald F. Larson

Senior Economist, Development Research Group

Donald F. Larson is a Senior Economist in the Development Research Group at the World Bank. He joined the Bank while pursuing a PH.D. in agricultural and resource economics at the University of Maryland, which he earned in 1995. Don also holds an M.A. in... See More +
  • Selected Research Highlights

  • An African Green Revolution


    This volume explores the usefulness of the Asian model of agricultural development for Africa, where, even before the recent world food crisis, half the population lived on less than on dollar a day, and a staggering one in three people and one third of all children were undernourished.  Read More »

  • The Clean Development Mechanism


    Much analysis is available on CDM, but very little comprehensive analysis, addressing various aspects of CDM is available. With a major decision for its continuation, a multi-dimensional analysis would be needed. This book is about the economic assessment of certain (not certain) CDM performances, and its future sustainability and trajectory.  Read More »

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