Daiho Fujii

Alternate Executive Director: EDS02, Executive Directors

Daiho Fujii serves as Alternate Executive Director for Japan at the Board of the World Bank Group.

Before joining the World Bank, Mr. Fujii was the Senior Deputy Director for the International Bureau, Ministry of Finance in Japan. He was in charge of the Japanese Government’s international financial policy, including regional financial cooperation in Asia, development policy, and foreign exchange policy. He started his career in 1994 at the Ministry of Finance and held positions in various areas such as tax policy reforms and public pension reforms.

From 1997 to 1999, he served as Advisor to the Executive Director for Japan at the International Monetary Fund. During that period, his main focus was on Asian countries during the Asian Crisis, and African countries which were undergoing debt issues.

Mr. Fujii graduated from Stanford University in 1997 with an M.A. in Political Science. He earned a B.A. in Law from the University of Tokyo in 1994.

Daiho Fujii
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