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Celebrate World Day for Audiovisual Heritage: The World Bank (1982)

This year the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage will be held on October 27th. The theme this year is “Your Story is Moving.” To mark the occasion, World Bank Group archivists selected a film from our audiovisual holdings that provides a glimpse into how the World Bank Group saw its mission and its work in the past. We are happy to share this twenty-minute informational film produced by the Bank in 1982 entitled The World Bank.

Since the World Bank Group commenced operations in 1946, communicating its purpose and activities to the public has been an important priority. The WBG is not a bank in the most familiar sense; a multilateral institution owned by its member countries, the WBG finances projects in developing countries and provides technical assistance and knowledge sharing. The World Bank (1982), produced by the Bank’s Information and Public Affairs Department over 35 years ago, offered an overview of lending operations, its organization and funding sources, and its relationships with member countries. The film is, in many ways, a time capsule and a reflection on how the WBG thought about its work after 36 years of operations. However, some of the language and themes might be familiar today.

The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives (CCAAA). The day serves as a reminder of how audiovisual materials are a valuable source of knowledge and are uniquely able to reflect our diverse communities, institutions, and cultures. We hope that our contribution to the celebration will prove rewarding. For a broader introduction to the WBG’s history, we invite you to check out a short film recently produced by the Archives, World Bank Group History: Exploring the Archives. To learn more about the Bank Group’s current operations and see how it is communicating its work and mission today, go to the World Bank channel on YouTube.