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The Indigenous Knowledge Market Place
…Connecting project proposals with funding agencies…

The IK Program has launched a virtual market place to connect proposal seekers with funding agencies. This will be an electronic forum where you can post proposals to mainstream IK on the web and seek funding. Donors will be encouraged to search our site for good proposals.

By the very nature of this service, we cannot guarantee that proposals will be funded. Each one will be judged by interested supporters on its own merit. We suggest you post proposals that you may have sent to other agencies and that have received positive responses in terms of substance and presentation but could not be funded for lack of funds or other reasons not related to the quality of the proposal.

Disclaimer: The fact that IK proposals are displayed on our website does not constitute an approval - or in the case of the rejection of a contribution, a disapproval - by the World Bank or its partners in the indigenous knowledge initiative of the validity of the proposal.

If you wish to participate, please send an electronic copy of your proposal (no more than 10 pages) as a Word document to

Please note that proposals that are specific in objectives, target groups, beneficiaries and concrete in activities stand a better chance of consideration than "shopping lists" of ideas and goods.
For guidance on writing successful proposals click on the following web links.

If you have any ideas on how we can make this service more effective, you are welcome to make suggestions.

Proposals seeking funding:

1. Title: Enhancing Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge in Southern Africa
Country: SADC countries
Sector: Agriculture
Type of applicant: NGO (Desert Research Foundation of Namibia)
Contact: Dr. MK Seely
Summary: The proposal builds on the community exchange and training program of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (CCD), to help mobilize and disseminate traditional technology and knowledge on sustainable management of natural resources and alternative livelihoods in dryland regions prone to land degradation.
Full proposal: Click here
(269 KB); Proposed Budget (15 KB).

2. Title: AIDS in Africa - Bridging Traditional Healing with Modern Medicine
Country: Tanzania
Sector: Health
Contact: Mr Barry Childs
Summary: The proposal seeks to improve prevention and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS by combining the practices of traditional and western medicine; create a network between MDs and traditional healers for patient referral, treatment, counseling and education; and build on the lessons learned and develop protocols to replicate this collaboration in other communities
Full Proposal: Click here
(335 KB)


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