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Avian and Pandemic Flu Video Seminar: Poultry Vaccination

October 17, 2007

Avian and Pandemic Flu Video Seminar 4: Poultry Vaccination

October 2007

Participating Countries:

China, France, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Vietnam


Session 1:

Welcome and Introduction of the Panel

Brian Bedard, Senior Livestock Specialist, World Bank, Washington DC

Welcome (vid length 3:04)


Session 2:

United Nations Perspective & Comments

Dr. David Nabarro, Senior UN System Influenza Coordinator, United Nations, New York

Nabarro (vid length 7:26)


Session 3:

Perspectives on the Issue of Vaccination Plans and Monitoring

Christianne Bruschke, Policy Officer, Scientific and Technical Department, OiE, Paris

Bruschke (vid length 15:58)

Reference Materials:

Poultry HPAI Vaccination: Decision Making (ppt)


Session 4:

Vaccination plans, logistics, monitoring and other accompanying measures

Joseph Domenech, Chief Veterinary Officer and Head of Animal Health, FAO, Rome

Domenech (vid length 18:18)

Reference Materials:

Vaccination of Poultry against HPAI Policies, Issues and Good Practice (ppt)


Session 5:

Open Discussion 1

All sites

Open Discussion 1 (vid length 13:40)


Session 6:

China's Experience with Vaccination

Huang Baoxu, China, Beijing

Huang Baoxu (vid legnth: 11:08)

Reference Materials:

Vaccination Campaigns in China (ppt)


Session 7:

Vietnam's Experience with Vaccination

Do Huu Dung, Epidemiologist, Vietnam, Hanoi

Dung (vid length: 13:09)

Reference Materials:

Vaccination for Control of H5N1 Avian Influenza in Vietnam (ppt)


Session 8: 

Italy's Experience with Vaccination

Luca Busani, Italy, Rome

Busani (vid length 14:56)

Reference Materials:

The Italian Experience in the Control of Avian Influenza Applying Emergency and Prophylactic Vaccination (ppt)


Session 9:

Turkey's Experience with Vaccination

Haluk Askaroglu, Division Director, Turkey, Ankara

Askaroglu (vid length 22:05)

Reference Materials:

Situation in Turkey and Lessons Learned (ppt)


Session 10:

Open Discussion 2

All Sites

Open Discussion 2 (vid length 27:38)


Session 11:


Presenters and Moderator

Summary (vid length: 6:54)


Session 12:


Closing Remarks (vid length 4:36)